private lessons

I've been lucky to have had the opportunity to teach a lot of great students over the years. It has been a pleasure to teach all sorts of ages and abilities. I currently offer lessons on Skype or at my studio on Quadra Island in British Columbia, Canada. Feel free to contact me about the lessons. I teach a variety of drum set styles, snare drum, some hand percussion and lots of cajon. You can contact me through my contact page. CONTACT or register at the link down below. 

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Locking in Rhythm

In this class I work specifically with music classes to focus on building their connection as a band. There is no reason why the whole band cannot explore percussion concepts that normally only the drummers learn. Rhythm is necessary for each instrument. By using a variety of rhythms, rudiments, and whatever drums are available in the class, everyone gains a greater understanding of what it takes to lock in as a band. There is also an option to focus specifically on the percussion section: on technique, groove, independence etc.

Music in The Trash

In this project the class uses objects from their trash/recycling bins to create music. We sometimes underestimate what kind of sounds we can make from stuff lying around the house. It might be a water bottle, a plastic tub, or even a set of keys. While playing with all of these sounds, students learn about rhythms, musical collaboration, and listening/hearing. At the end students participate in a concert for the others in the class to perform each of their uniques pieces.



“Dave runs drumming camps during the summer and is always trying to find innovative ways to build up the musical capacity of our community. He has demonstrated a very high level of professional artistry when it comes to his skill and the performances he gives on a regular basis.” — Stephen Petrucci, Assistant Superintendent, Peace River North

“Dave creates a learning environment where students feel safe to explore music and take risks to express themselves. He is extremely encouraging and help to increase student engagement and output. I have been astounded with the quality of work students produce with David's support.” — Joe Brooks, Educator, Bert Bowes School

“I can only say you were one of the best guest speakers/presenters we ever had at Hillside. You made every kid feel included in all your activities and kept them engaged the whole time. Not many people can do that on a regular basis. I loved how you used recycled materials and made an environmental message out of your music.” — Brett Wilcox, Hillside Outdoor Education School